Richard Bandler in Amsterdam

Dr. Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler

Hypnosis as an Application of NLP,  Amsterdam, the Netherlands May 1, 2, 3 2015

Over 40 years of NLP experience and experimentation is distilled to enable you to create the most useful, deepest and quickest states to banish unpleasant feelings and create greater happiness. Whatever your profession or expertise, this course enable you to focus your consciousness like a laser to achieve the results you want in your life.

– Learn to control your state of consciousness, whether you call this hypnosis, meditation, an altered state, or concentration, and take charge of your brain.
– Systematically master the skills of hypnosis as tools for easy learning and change.
– Experience effective and rapid hypnotic inductions.
– Utilise the tools of hypnosis to create lasting and effortless change in yourself and others to:

  • Change personal history
  • Get over problems
  • Move through difficulties
  • Get to action

In three days Dr. Richard Bandler and his co-trainer John la Valle will take you through the hypnosis as an application of NLP, as only they can teach you. The advanced subjects they will cover include:

Drug of Choice
People mistakenly think that stimulants work because of the substance contained in the product. But stimulants work due to the reaction of your body to the substance. Under hypnosis, it is possible to keep the body fooled into thinking that the stimulant is present making people feel pleasure again without having to use it! The Drug of Choice exercise shows best how well the brain is able to experience the best moments from the past safely in the present.

Time Distortion
Almost everyone has the feeling that each new year passes faster than the year before. That’s a shame, because there are fewer years as you get older. In hypnostic Time Distortion you learn to influence the way your brain is experiencing time. So  you can ensure that if life is at times dull, time flies and when life is fun, time passes more slowly so you can enjoy the beautiful moments of life. Under hypnosis you experience first for yourself how easy it is to positively affect your sense of time. After that experience, it becomes easier for your brain to apply this in the rest of your life,

Deep Trance Identification
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is primarily an educational tool. As NLP practitioners we want to learn from other people when those people something better than we are. The Deep Trance Identification technology takes this one step further. You normally can only learn from the second person perspective when you deal with a person or third-person perspective when you read someone’s books, CDs to listen to or watch DVD’s, but with  Deep Trance Identification you can experience what it is like to be that person from the first person perspective.

Richard Bandler, together with his co-trainer John La Valle, showcase NLP as an Application of NLP in these three special days. Nobody in the world is as good at installing smart strategies in the unconscious as Richard Bandler. Nobody takes people so deeply into trance like Richard Bandler. With these three advanced NLP Hypnosis Techniques teaches your brain very valuable skills.  Since the learning takes place throught demonstrations and unconscious installation, you need to participate to learn. Not only do you get these great benefits right away, but you also learn to take your first steps as a hypnotist! Although these advanced themes ensure that people with NLP and / or hypnosis background learn even more, Richard Bandler is a master of teaching people of different levels simultaneously. Even his Master Trainers attend these trainings and learn new things every year because he never does things the same way twice!

John La Valle is also a master at communicating on different levels at the same time so that both someone with no experience and someone with a great deal of experience can learn so much.  In our experience there is no one who is so meticulous about passing on all the important details of a technique as John La Valle.

The rate for Hypnosis and Application of NLP workshop is 1195,  Euros inc. 21% VAT. Until December 1, 2014, there is the early bird rate of 975, – Euro. Venue is the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam.

Book early to ensure the best rate.  This is the first time we have had the benefit of Richard Bandler and John LaValle in Amsterdam since 2012  We have never seen so many people excited after a seminar as in 2012 and that takes some doing because all of Richard Bandler’s seminars are great and well received.  In short, take this unique opportunity to witness Richard Bandler for the first time or again and sign up using the form below:

The rate is 1195, – euro inc. 21% VAT, but there are also early bird discount if you act early: 1075,- euro inc. 21% VAT till March 1st, 2015. To sign up for this wonderful training program, please fill in the form below: